Plan A Holiday For The Whole Family

Guest Post by Sarah from Military Travel Mama

Depending on the family’s budget, it’s a great thing for your family to go on holidays once a year whether it is an actual vacation or a staycation- where you are in your own town but making a vacation out of it. Because of the fact that we get to see different parts of the world since we are a military family- I am not lacking in having the experience of traveling.

However, not every family has the opportunity to see the world like we do (but remember the military life is hardly a walk in the park). And remember whenever we have an opportunity to take a holiday, we have to stick to a tight budget. However, I just want to point out some things that you need to keep in mind when planning for a holiday:

Look for places with babysitting services if traveling with young kids. A vacation with cranky toddlers is hardly a vacation. You will need alone time to recharge. And recommended hotels have good quality babysitting services, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids in the hands of questionable people. The first thing to look for when choosing a hotel to stay at is if they offer a good quality babysitting service. You will need it!

Be prepared to compromise. You and your spouse, and the kids will not want to see all of the places that you want to see, and same goes for you- you are not going to care to visit places that they are dying to see! Not to mention, you can only see so much because your budget may not allow you to take such a luxurious trip. So be sure to choose a place that will be a fun experience for everyone.

If traveling with teens, let them help you choose where to go. Because I don’t have teenagers yet, I can tell you right now based on what I do remember when I was a teen. I am sure traveling with teens can be tricky. I was so picky about where I wanted to go if I was going to be traveling with my family. Therefore I can bet you that if you have teens, they will not be any different. Give them the responsibility to find a place to stay and you can make the decision and compromises together. This way, everyone involved will be happy. And make sure wherever you decide to stay has free Wi-Fi or else you will be having to pay the phone company loads of data charges that are racked up while you were on holiday!

Mom matters! Regardless if you are a mom of babies, toddlers, older kids or teens- or all, you need to have your own time to unwind. After all, this holiday is happening because you need to unwind. So find an accommodation that has a spa that offers massages, pedicures, manicures, and the whole nine yards! Because if mama isn’t happy and relaxed, then no one is!

To sum up, traveling with the family can be challenging, but if you plan your travels ahead well, then hopefully you will all have a fantastic vacation that you have been looking forward to having all year long!

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