Would You Rather? by Bleeping Motherhood

Parents, are you ready for a little fun?  Do you need to take a break from the kids for a few minutes?  Do you need something to read while you hide out in the bathroom with that box of cookies?  Then I highly recommend you check this out.  My new Mom friends over at Bleeping Motherhood sent me a copy of their hilarious book, “Would You Rather…”.

I opened the book as soon as it arrived and started to read the various “Would You Rather” choices.  I found myself flipping through page after page, and before you know it I had read the whole book within the hour. (This is not unlike what happens to me when I open a bag of chips and think I will just have a couple).  It was a nice escape from the stress of work and the demands of motherhood to lose myself in thought for awhile about the strange options presented before me.

Some of them really made me think.  Some of them really made me laugh.  Some of them really grossed me out.  Some of them were a no-brainer.  I was able to answer this one right away for example:

Would you rather…

Eat a worm in exchange for 8 hours of kid-free, spa day relaxation


Lay in a bathtub of worms for 5 minutes for a kid-free spa weekend?

I pick Choice #2.  If I am going to do something disgusting I want to earn more than 8 hours kid-free time.  I’m going all in for the big win.  With four children I am in need of an entire weekend at the spa.  Only 5 minutes with slimy little creatures crawling all over me? Heck, I conquer this on a daily basis.  Bring on the worms.  While I lay in the bath tub I will pretend I’m already at the spa and that the worms are actually gummy worms.

There were also a few choices that I have actually experienced.  The “been there, done that” question was:

Would You Rather…

Take two children and a dog to the vet at dinnertime


Take three children to the candy store with only enough money for two small pieces of candy?

Let’s take Choice #1.  I have done this before with four children.  I don’t know how I thought this was a good idea, but our beloved dog had a vet appointment so I loaded them all up in the mini-van and off we went.  Of course it was almost supper time so they were all in great humor.  It is hard enough to wrangle the large black lab puppy who was freaking out at every sight and sound at the animal clinic. The kids were whining and fighting and acting up as well.  It was like I brought five wild animals to the vet, not just one.  To add to the fun, let’s pull out the credit card for a whopping $600 bill.

Now I know you are thinking that does not sound like the better choice, but it is.  You see, if I hear my kids whine, “It’s not fair!” one more time I just might lose my mind.  And since I know their every thought, I am certain this is what will come out of their mouths if I were to choose choice #2.  Take fighting, whining kids to a candy store?  No way! That’s Grandma’s job. And now I’m craving gummy worms.

Are we having fun yet?  I’m going to give you one more question because I know how addictive this.

Would you rather…

Go to your neighborhood fire department, then stop, drop, and roll and ask if you did it right


Go to your neighborhood police department and ask where the nearest donut shop is?

For this question I picked #1.  I come from a very small town and I actually know a few of the local firefighters.  While they might think it is a little bit strange, they have seen local crazies a lot worse than me.  They would more than likely demonstrate the correct procedure, offer to give me free training and see if I need a ride home.

To be honest, I thought the second choice was a little stereo-typical.  Why do we always assume that our police are eating donuts?  That is a very broad assumption.  It’s like saying all mothers drink wine.  That’s not true at all.  Just because I’m a mother it doesn’t mean I drink wine…

I drink whiskey.

If you want to read more of these strangely addictive questions or you are looking for a fun game to play with your Mom BFF then let’s not wait another minute.  It makes a fun gift for new parents as well!  I only have one copy so to avoid you all fighting like kids in a candy store, you will need to get your own copy of the book here:

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link and I was given a copy of this book to review.  Please also note that I love my children with all my heart and soul but I would honestly lay in a tub of worms for a weekend away.


Paper Cranes For Cancer

cranes for cancer

Have you ever heard of “Cranes for Cancer”?  I did not know about it until  my sister-in-law sent me the link to this blog: http://cranesforcancer.blogspot.ca/  and I read more about The Legend of 1000 Cranes.

What a beautiful legend and thoughtful gift, I thought.  I scrolled through the photos of the thousands and thousands of cranes that people had made and sent in to distribute to cancer patients.  People are awesome.  Some awesome people (like my sister-in-law) actually sat down and very carefully took the time to fold hundreds and hundreds of tiny origami paper cranes in hopes to brighten someone’s day.

I have been inspired to make a few cranes myself and I am encouraging my older children to help me.  It is a simple way to think of others.  Next time they come to me and say they are bored, I am going to get out the paper.  Maybe you could do it too, or at least help spread the word about this amazing project.  Even Nathan made one and he is only seven years old.


Here is an instructional video on how to fold the paper cranes.  It gets easier the more you do it.  We bought our paper at a local dollar store.  You just need 6″x 6″square pieces of paper with a pattern on one side and white on the other side.

Happy folding!  With each crane I make I will send a little prayer for hope and healing.  It certainly can’t hurt. I think this would be a great idea for a church or youth group.

If you know of a person who is in need of 1,000 origami paper cranes, please send an e-mail and your friend or family member will receive 1,000 paper cranes of hope and healing.

Send an email to: grinfeldk@comcast.net and julie@brain-grow.com

If you want to help please send cranes to:

Karen Grinfeld
11140 N. Canada Ridge Drive
Tucson, AZ 85737
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