What if Adults Acted Like Kids?


Have you ever looked at kids and wondered, “now what if I acted like that?”

What if adults acted like kids?  Consider these three examples:

1. Kids have incredible imaginations

“I’m putting you in jail!”

I was watching my son play hockey at the arena and the other siblings were running around the arena playing while we waited. My friend’s little boy told me he was going to put my son in jail and ran after him trying to catch him.  My son happily obliged and was soon engaged in some awesome pretend play.  His Mom and I giggled as we watched them and we talked about their incredible imaginations.  She wondered at what point we lost our imaginations and we joked about how it would look if adults acted like children.  “Can you imagine if I came up to you and said, “I’m going to put you in jail!”,  then I chased you while you laughed and ran away from me?” I asked her.  It would be considered a bit crazy and definitely socially unacceptable if adults starting behaving like kids.

It seems children have an unspoken ability to engage in play with each other and a pretty awesome imagination that adults have long since forgotten.

2. How about those tantrums?

Can you imagine if adults took tantrums like children do when they didn’t get their way? What might happen if your boss told you to do something and to show how much you did not want to do it, you threw yourself to the floor in protest, fists pumping while screaming and crying “No! No! No!”?

3. Kids get away with saying and doing whatever they want

When kids say something or do something inappropriate we excuse them for just being kids.  What if an adult asked a pregnant woman why her belly was so fat?  Or what would your friends think if you threw their couch cushions onto the floor, jumped off and yelled, “Abandon ship!”

There are so many other things that only children can “get away” with.  To further demonstrate, here is a hilarious video showing what it might look like if adults acted like toddlers:

For more hilarious videos check out www.storyofthislife.com

I think it is okay for adults to join in the pretend play with other children and to act silly from time to time, but just keep this video in mind.  If you come to my house and play with my pots and pans, I might think it’s weird.

5 Reasons Why My Dog Makes a Better Parent


Our black lab Sadie will never have a litter of her own, but she has been the most incredible mother to our four children.  In fact, sometimes I think she is a better parent than I will ever be.  There are 5 reasons I believe my dog makes a better parent:

  1. She has unlimited patience.  No matter how loud, rambunctious and annoying the children may get, she is patient and loving with all of  them.  Our one year old can climb all over her, grab her tail and jump on her.  She either allows him to do so, or calmly gets up and walks away.  She has never barked at them, bit them or harmed them in any way. I am not so calm when the kids are loud, rambunctious, and crawling all over me.  I do not handle it as well as our dog.  Unlike Sadie, I have barked at my kids when they annoy me.
  2. She is the ultimate protector.  She watches over the kids and protects them at all costs.  She alerts us to all those who enter our house and sits at our feet when we are sick.  I protect my kids too and keep them safe from harm, but this dog takes her role a little more seriously.
  3. She is always happy to see them and gives never-ending love.  The love and loyalty a dog gives is endless.  She will sit patiently at the bottom of the stairs each morning and wait for the kids to wake up.  She always greets them with a big kiss and has lots of love to go around.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids too and I am happy to see them in the morning, but there is no way I am sitting at the bottom of the stairs every day waiting to see them.
  4. She never tires from playing with them.  She is like the Energizer bunny.  She will play with the children outside and loves to go to the park with them.  She will run and play ball and never seems to get tired.  I must admit, I cannot say the same.  I am usually too tired to play with the kids.
  5. She cleans up after them.  Rarely does food touch the floor as Sadie swiftly catches the kids’ mess.  She sits right under Luke’s chair to clean up whatever he may drop. She licks the kids’ faces (which I do occasionally as well) to clean them. If only I could teach her how to vacuum then she just might be the best dog ever.

fullsizerenderI have to admit that I never paid much attention to our dog when we first got her.  It was almost as if I saw her as just another responsibility, instead of another family member.  Yet after seeing her with my children over the past couple of years, I have grown much closer to our beloved Sadie.  I have witnessed her incredible love for our children and it has softened me. I realize that she is a very important part of our children’s lives.   In many ways, my dog is the better parent.  I will be the first to admit I have a lot to learn from her.