You Are All Fools! April the Giraffe Spoiler

Spoiler Alert!

Have you been watching “April” the Giraffe’s live video on social media?  “Any minute now” she is expected to give birth to her baby and thousands of people are tuned in.  I almost got suckered into watching it, but I get bored quite easily so I kept scrolling.  I have seen it pop up in my feed for what seems like weeks now; definitely several days anyway.  I kept thinking, “She hasn’t had the baby yet?”  Then it dawned on me.  This would be a fantastic April Fool’s prank.  The giraffe’s name is April!  On the 1st of April they can reveal the truth that there will be no giraffe baby and you are all a bunch of fools.  Or, if it is real and I am WAY off, then I am the fool.  Either way, this whole thing is pretty stupid and we are all fools.  I didn’t want to watch my own children being born, so why would I sit and watch a giraffe give birth?  I’m all about the miracle of life, but show me the cute little thing after the fact.  I hate to give you the spoiler here, but if I am correct then I do not want you to waste any more of your time on April the Giraffe.


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