Why “more with four”?

I am a Mom to four children.  With four children comes MORE laundry, MORE messes, MORE dishes, MORE noise, and MORE running around.  Yet with four children also comes MORE hugs, MORE love, MORE joy and MORE moments of happiness.  I  have this “thing” with my kids that when we say, “I love you” the family member usually responds, “I love you more!” (we are kind of competitive in everything we do) I also love my children MORE than anything in this world, so it only seemed fitting for this blog to be called “more with four”.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  My intent is to share a bit of my life and experience with other parents.  I hope you can relate to some of my stories and realize that none of us are perfect parents, but we are “in this” together.  Keep calm and parent on,  Naomi