Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Newborns

Unique And Personal Gift Ideas For New-Borns by Katrina Fernandez

Haven’t you heard? Personalised baby gifts are the new big thing. There’s so much joy in giving the new born and their parents presents. When you do it right you can pass on something that will be kept for years to come.

Personalising baby gifts is a wonderful idea and if you are stuck for inspiration, we have got a whole list full of perfect presents for newborns! Now, we have collected some amazing present ideas so if you are getting ready for a baby shower or a little one’s birthday, take a look at these personalised gifts –

  • Personalised nursery rhyme book – Hardback so it can be kept and passed on down the years, this is a beautiful idea for boys and girls. Keeps them entertained whilst keeping their growing brains inspired.
  • Personalised blanket with the child’s unique name.
  • Personalised baby gift box – This can be both for boys and girls. Essentially, you can buy baby hampers which can be personalised from a range of websites and highstreets shops. You should find a mix and match of items new-born’s and parents will really need. Take time to think about what they might need and may enjoy before choosing!
  • Personalised wooden letters – This ornament is great for the child’s bedroom or nursery.
  • Personalised bib – Baby bibs will always come in handy and a parent can never have too many. However, you can go that extra mile and make it even more special by adding their name to the design!
  • Personalised Disney book – With all the favourite classics, the young one can enjoy fairy-tale stories and get to know magic with that personal touch.
  • A teddy bear with their name on it – This takes an ordinary present and turns it into something unique to that child. Try to think about animals or things the child might like before choosing something.  
  • Birth certificate folder – This can be just beautiful when personalised and can help protect something priceless.
  • Money box – Something to get the pennies saved nice and early, a personalised money box is a practical gift for any baby.
  • Train set – A personal train set with the child’s name on it will bring hours of joy and fun into their lives.
  • Personalised baby wrap/ onesie or babygrow – Keeping little one’s warm at night or in the colder months, getting an item of clothing personalised can be really special.
  • Music box – Little kids love listening and playing around with musical things. They can become that extra bit special when a music box is personalised!
  • Rag doll –  A personalised rag doll can come to mean so much to any little one.

These are just a few ideas to get your brain ticking when buying a personalised baby gift. What you can be sure of though is that something personalised is always going to be more meaningful and special to both the parents and child.


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