4 Ways To Spend More Time Outside This Spring – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Aurora M.

During the cold winter months, we generally enjoy spending our time indoors. Unless we’re going outside for strictly recreational reasons, such as skiing or snowboarding, we prefer staying inside where it’s warm. The weather is starting to warm up, and so are our spirits!

Spring is one of the best times of the year. Being outside feels so refreshing after the bitter cold of winter, and since summer is still a few months away, you can spend time outside without getting terribly sunburned and sweaty. It’s the perfect time to indulge in outdoor activities before we hit mid-summer where it feels too hot to do anything than go swimming. Here are a few perfect activities to do in these cool spring months!

Go hiking

Hiking is usually considered to be a summer activity, but the best time of year to go is during the spring! Because it’s not quite as hot, you won’t get dehydrated as easily. And even if it’s a tad chilly, the physical exertion will keep your blood pumping and keep you warm.

Another reason hiking in the spring is perfect is simply because it is widely considered a summer activity. This means that you’ll meet fewer people out on the trails. Sometimes it’s nice to meet people on the trail, but there’s really something to be said for the quiet moments out in nature. It has tons of great psychological benefits, no matter where you are in life, as this article states.

Go on a picnic

Another activity that a lot of people reserve for summer, is a picnic. The joys of a picnic are that they can be enjoyed for most of the months out of the year(spring, summer, and fall! Not such a good idea during the winter, though). And because you’re getting a head start on enjoying your warm outdoors activities, the best picnic spots won’t be nearly as busy as they will be in a few months.

Pack up an easy sandwich lunch and a big blanket, and head to your nearest duck pond. Or try to find a new picnic spot. Most locations will have great shaded spots, so if the day gets to be a little bit too warm for your comfort, you can sit at the base of a tree, or in a gazebo, and enjoy the day and view without feeling the sun beating down your neck. Or if sitting in the shade leaves you with goosebumps on your arms, you can find a nice grassy area where the sun will be bright and warm your skin.

Work in your yard

There are a lot of home improvement projects that just can’t be done when it’s cold outside. It can be nice to get these projects done before the weather gets too warm, so you won’t be too uncomfortable working in the heat.

There are lots of fun home improvement projects you can do this spring! It’s even more fun if you can include your entire family in the projects. It’s a great bonding activity, and if you have young kids, it’s likely that these will be fundamental memories for them. Try planting a garden together, painting your fence, making bird feeders, or installing and painting shutters for your outdoor windows.

Read in your backyard

The vast majority of us spend so much time in front of screens, whether we want to or not, so it’s always refreshing to get to spend some time outside reading. Whether it’s for work, school, or recreational, it can be a great activity, whether you’re alone or with your whole family. Lay a blanket down on the lawn and get started on that book that’s been sitting on your desk for the past 6 months that you simply haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Let your kids play nearby, or invite your partner to join you outside, reading a book of their own.

Even just spending quiet time reading together outside can be a wonderful bonding activity for you and your loved ones. You’ll find that as the year progresses and it gets much warmer, the heat will be too much for you to be able to handle reading outside for very long.

Don’t wait until summer to enjoy spending time outside! There are plenty of activities to do with your whole family, or just by yourself.

Bath Time Tips for Little Ones

Does your little one  look forward to bath time or do you struggle with this task?

Here are some tips to help make bath time fun for both child and parent:

Be Prepared

Little ones do not like to wait for their parents to be ready so get ready ahead of time. Gather all of your supplies and run the bath before you bring your little one in for his/her bath.  I know that once my toddler sees the water running, he wants to get in right away.  I must have his towel, shampoo, clothes, diaper and bath toys on hand.  You must never leave a child unattended in the bath even for a second.

Check the Water

You also want to make sure the water is not too hot.  Use your wrist to test the temperature or use a bath thermometer.  Lukewarm water is best for children.  If it feels a bit hot to you, it will feel really hot to your child.  You only need a few inches of water or about waist-deep for toddlers and little ones.  When children are older, more comfortable in the water and able to move around, they like a deeper water bath.

Protect the Eyes

One of the main reasons little ones do not like having baths is because they get soap in their eyes or they do not like the feeling of the water on their face.

You can use an inexpensive bath visor like this one to shield your child’s eyes from soap, shampoo, or water.  Make sure to have a towel or wash cloth on hand to wipe his/her face if needed as well.

Have Some Fun

You do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive bath toys.  Use cups to pour, bubbles or bring in plastic dolls to wash. Sing a song, or play a little game.  My son likes to bring in action figures or dinky cars.  We make them jump off the side of the tub into the water starting with “1, 2, 3….go!”  He likes to play this one over and over again.  Sometimes, his older brother takes a bath with him.  Bathing two children at once can be fun and serves a dual purpose for us parents.  If you have rubber ducks, make sure to squeeze the water out of them once you are done or seal their holes with a hot glue gun to keep mold from gathering.

Towel up right away

Don’t let your little one get cold.  Keep the bath time short and sweet and then towel up right after.  Luke loves his bath but he absolutely hates getting out!  He used to scream and cry.  Now, when I wrap him up in this large Aurorae towel he is warm, cozy and happy.

This beautiful swim towel  is so large I think I could easily wrap up two kids!  It comes in a variety of colours and is super soft and absorbent.

Thanks to Aurorae* for the bath/swim towel. Not only do they sell towels, but they also sell clothing, footwear, yoga mats and accessories and gifts.

Check them out at: http://www.auroraeyoga.com/yoga-products/

*this is a sponsored post

You Are All Fools! April the Giraffe Spoiler

Spoiler Alert!

Have you been watching “April” the Giraffe’s live video on social media?  “Any minute now” she is expected to give birth to her baby and thousands of people are tuned in.  I almost got suckered into watching it, but I get bored quite easily so I kept scrolling.  I have seen it pop up in my feed for what seems like weeks now; definitely several days anyway.  I kept thinking, “She hasn’t had the baby yet?”  Then it dawned on me.  This would be a fantastic April Fool’s prank.  The giraffe’s name is April!  On the 1st of April they can reveal the truth that there will be no giraffe baby and you are all a bunch of fools.  Or, if it is real and I am WAY off, then I am the fool.  Either way, this whole thing is pretty stupid and we are all fools.  I didn’t want to watch my own children being born, so why would I sit and watch a giraffe give birth?  I’m all about the miracle of life, but show me the cute little thing after the fact.  I hate to give you the spoiler here, but if I am correct then I do not want you to waste any more of your time on April the Giraffe.