Juggling Life and Parenthood

How do we balance all the important parts of our lives and our relationships without ever “dropping the ball”?  Sometimes I feel like I am a juggler trying to juggle several balls at once. These balls represent my children, my work, my spouse, my house, etc. I can successfully throw around two, maybe three balls and keep them in the air but any more than that leads to a fumble. One or more of the balls end up on the floor with me scrambling to pick them up and try again. Sometimes I get balls thrown at me that that I totally wasn’t ready for. Then everything falls and I have to start over. For instance, I might be successfully managing things at work and having a great time with my children, but my husband and I are not seeing eye to eye. Or, I could have everything organized at home and relationships with all family members going strong, but I am struggling with something at work. It’s near impossible to have all my relationships, work, and home life in complete balance at all times. It is almost as impossible as juggling five or six balls at once. So I have come to realize that it’s pretty normal for these fumbles to happen. It is super hard to keep all balls in the air without ever dropping one. So how do we juggle life and parenthood?

If you drop the ball, just pick it up, throw it back into the mix, and keep on trying. 

This cartoon sums up how I feel sometimes! Thanks to Adrienne from Hedger Humor for allowing me to share with you.  See more of these hilarious cartoons at http://hedgerhumor.com/ 


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