Hello From Heaven

Have you ever received a “hello from heaven”?

Some people believe that after someone dies, they can send a message or a sign to a loved one they left behind.  These messages are to bring peace to the recipient as a sign their loved one is in heaven. They are known as ADC – after death communication.

Some common signs are butterflies or dragonflies, rainbows, cardinals, or even when a deceased love on appears in your dreams.  It could be a song, or a physical object that is a significant reminder of your loved one. You will know if it is a special sign.  You will feel it is a special gift to you.

Butterflies are my favourite sign as they represent re-birth and transformation.  They are a true sign of incredible beauty and freedom that emerges from a slow-moving caterpillar with little purpose to a cocoon of darkness awaiting beautiful transformation.

Butterflies are also significant to me and my husband as we were sent a butterfly on our wedding day.

The Butterfly Story

The day of our wedding was a beautiful, sunny day in September.  All of our family and friends were there with us to witness and celebrate in our special day.  Well, everyone except my husband’s father.  Sadly, he had passed away just five months before our wedding day.

Although he could not make it to our wedding, I do believe he sent us an extraordinary gift. It was a moment I will cherish forever.

I had just walked down the aisle to meet my husband-to-be at the front of the church. The minister greeted all of our guests and then stopped mid-sentence.  He announced, “We have an unexpected guest!” and pointed to a butterfly that flew in from the back of the church and over the “groom’s side” of the pews.  Everyone turned to catch sight of the butterfly.  It was a very beautiful moment. It fluttered around for a moment or two and then was gone.

Our hearts were full of joy and I knew right away it was a special gift.  It was a “hello from heaven”.  It was a sign.  It was a gift.  Whatever you want to call it, it was special to us and will never be forgotten.

Have you ever received a “hello from heaven”?  I would love to hear about it.  Comment below.

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  1. Yes! This is about to get long. About six months after my mother-in-law passed, we were in Florida to watch the final shuttle launch from Nasa. This was significant because my MIL had worked for a defense contractor that worked for NASA and had been for a shuttle launch. My FIL paid for my family and my husband’s sister’s family to go, to see this launch and essentially have a final goodbye. While we were there, it was his birthday, so we went out to dinner for his birthday. During his birthday dinner, out the window behind him, framing his head was a rainbow. Two years prior to his death, my in-laws took us to Hawaii, the land of 1,000 rainbows and immensely enjoyed rainbows while we were there. Ever since then, so many times when I’ve been really missing my MIL, a rainbow has appeared (and even sometimes when I feel like she’s yelling at me a bit). When my very beloved Grandmother passed, when we went through her jewelry, she had LOADs of butterfly things. Shortly after she passed, I had a butterfly flitting around my house. Many periods of stress or uncertainty in life, when I’ve looked up, I’ve seen a rainbow, and felt it was my Grandmother sending me love.

  2. I was witness to that butterfly appearance that day. My favourite bird is the cardinal and we have many in our neighbourhood. A few months after my Mum passed away a beautiful cardinal landed on my front porch and sat for a few minutes. It was my birthday, and in the 40 years we have lived in this house it was the first time a cardinal had ever landed there! It was a birthday hello from Mum.

  3. What a beautiful story. What’s the chances of a butterfly hovering over your husband’s shoulders at that time. Your father-in-law was giving his blessing. Please share your posts on my Sunday’s Best Linkup. Starts every Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST. We could all use parenting advice and inspiration.

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