The Best Free Online Tool for Photo Editing, Collages and Graphic Design


Do you ever wonder how people create cool photos with text and graphics, make their own memes,  photo collages and cover photos for social media?  I have tried several different online photo tools and I have found one that is free, fun and user-friendly.

I now use this great site to create my own custom photos.  FotoJet is a free online tool you can use for graphic design, photo collage and photo editing*.  With FotoJet,  you can create posters, flyers, cards, invitations, social media posts, banners, or custom size your own design.  You can use their designs and templates set to the perfect size you need, or create your own just the way you like it.  I like to add my own photos and text for a unique and personalized photo.  Here are some examples of things I have created:

Facebook Cover Photo:

Instagram Photos or Memes

Or get creative with your photos by uploading them and adding text:

Have fun with your photos, create memories and special prints.  Help your business grow.  Try it out today!

“Turn your photos into works of art” at 

*You can upgrade to a FotoJet Plus account for access to more templates, fonts, and editing tools.  Thank you to FotoJet for providing me with a premium account to test.

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