Far From Picture Perfect

Sometimes it seems as though we have the most picture perfect life as we post beautiful and flawless photos of our children and families on our social media platforms.

The truth is, my family (like many others), is far from picture perfect.

We only see the photo that is shared.  We don’t see what has been edited and we don’t always know what happens before or after the photo is snapped. I have a few photos of my family that have an untold story. I will share a few with you in hopes you can relate, or at least feel better that most of our so-called picture perfect lives are far from picture perfect.

Check out my first photo – exhibit A. It’s a beautiful amateur shot capturing three handsome boys in their Sunday best. Right?

Sure. But what you can’t tell from the strategically angled photo is that the toddler in front is naked from the waist down! Yep. He has nothing on but that shirt and tie. I was so desperate to capture these cuties with their shirts and ties on I didn’t have time to waste struggling with a toddler to put on his pants. Take a closer look and may see that my eldest son has a mouth full of food as I yelled at him to jump in the photo at the last minute because Lord knows the toddler is boss and can melt down at any second so we had to act quickly! Furthermore, I chose the black and white filter as it doesn’t show the worn-out hardwood floor of my living room that has taken the abuse of hundreds of mini-stick games.

How about this photo of my three oldest taken several years ago? What’s the story behind this one – it’s just three cute kids on the front steps, right?

Sure. But behind the lens of the camera that captured this shot was a crazed mom yelling frantically at her children. “Sit up!” “Look at me!” “Stop Fighting!” “Smile!” “SMILE!!” This one shot was the only decent photo out of about the one hundred taken that morning.  Of course it was a frigid cold morning, we could not find my daughter’s shoes and I spent more time than I would like to admit finding these matching outfits.  Seriously, who was I trying to impress?  I certainly did not impress my neighbour who was watching this circus act with a mixture of sympathy, disgust and amusement.  Well, I hope my family and friends liked their Christmas card that year.

Here is another photo I will share with you. This is a happy photo of me with our newly purchased family van. Right?

Sure. But behind that smile was a mother who was just faking it. I had just suffered a miscarriage and could hardly concentrate at the car dealership. The van was purchased and we were scheduled to pick it up but all I can remember thinking at the time was, “well we really don’t need a van now” as we will only have two children, not three.  But I went through the motions including faking the smile for the photo memory of our first family van.  We don’t always see the pain hiding behind someone’s smile.

Okay, I will share one more.  One more photo to lighten the mood…

This one is a quick snap of me and my Mom on a train trip we took with my children.  Looks normal right?

Sure.  But…I actually cropped the photo as you can see here because I sat right on top of my son who refused to move out of his seat.  He was being stubborn and would not move from his seat so I could capture a photo of my Mom and me.  Determined to get the shot, I sat right on top of him!  The power of cropping and editing photos, eh? “Say cheese!”

You see, things aren’t always what they seem, and there is a story behind every photo.

I have to give credit to Motherhood and More. The idea for this post came after reading her  awesome post  called, “What You DON’T See in Our Family Vacation Photos”.   The author shared not only her family vacation photos, but the truth behind them (or what she described as “what you don’t see”). I loved the raw honesty behind the post and I knew I had a few photos myself to share.

I would love to hear the story behind your photos!  Send me a message at morewithfourblog@gmail.com and you could be featured in an upcoming blog or sequel to this post.

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  1. I loved this one Naomi. It will certainly make me look at photos differently from now on, trying to see what is really going on!

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