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We are so blessed to be parenting in a time that offers so many options for every need our babies encounter. From feeding to diapering to sleeping to dressing – manufacturers are investing in scientific research and development to bring us a vast array of products that address our demand for safety, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and proven reliability.

A growing percentage of these manufacturers have also begun to recognize the demand for naturally-derived products to meet our babies’ needs in an increasingly synthetic world, and are directing their product development teams to search out natural solutions. This marriage of science and nature has brought today’s parents one of the most complete teething remedies available: the Baltic amber teething necklace.

What makes an amber necklace more than just a trinket around baby’s neck? The certified Baltic amber composing the beads. For centuries, not quite knowing how it worked, residents in the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, harvested amber from their local trees, crushed it, and soaked in hot baths with the powder added. This remedy was used to relieve the pain of arthritic joints and sore muscles.

Now, scientists have discovered why this was effective and have applied that knowledge to a natural treatment for the pain, inflammation, drooling, and sleeplessness of teething. Baltic amber – unique from other ambers – was found to contain a high concentration of succinic acid, which is a naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory (swelling-reducer) and analgesic (pain reliever). Trapped inside of the amber, this acid is released when the amber is warmed; it is not necessary to pulverize it as people had done through history. Developers simply merged this understanding with a principle already widely in use with topical medications and essential oils: the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and distribute them through the bloodstream.

Once formed into smooth, non-irritating beads, the Baltic amber is carefully crafted into a necklace in which each bead is individually knotted to provide security and durability. The necklace is carefully fitted to the baby, worn in a length that fits snugly and rests against the skin underneath the clothing. There, the beads are warmed by body heat, the succinic acid is released, absorbed by the skin, and used to relieve the pain, swelling, and irritation of teething.

Not only did these scientists identify a more natural solution to teething woes, they found a more convenient and arguably safer one, as well. Until the discovery of the benefits of Baltic Amber, parents relied on repeated doses of synthetic medications and chew toys to soothe symptoms. This required careful dosing and clock-watching, and raised concerns about side effects. It also required repeated purchases and resulted in lost toys when going about daily activities with diaper bag and teething supplies in tow. Nothing about this system was convenient and parts of it presented safety concerns.

With the introduction of the teething necklace, however, relieving the pain of teething becomes a simple matter of putting the necklace on baby when dressing in the morning. The succinic acid then releases a consistent stream of the effective ingredient as long as the necklace is worn, keeping baby pain-free, tissues uninflamed, and drooling in check.

Safety concerns affiliated with older remedies also disappear with the use of a Baltic amber necklace, because the human body naturally contains an amount of succinic acid and readily processes it without side effects. It does not build up in tissues; the body absorbs, uses, and eliminates it. Constant dosing schedules and worrying whether you’ve missed a dose or dosed too soon are a thing of the past with the teething necklace.

Many people who have purchased a Baltic Amber teething necklace from this site have even passed their necklaces down to multiple children, increasing the value of their investment further!

Truly, it is a blessing to have this time-proven remedy accessible to modern parents. By understanding the natural benefits of Baltic amber through current science, and applying this understanding to a common developmental challenge faced by all babies, parents now have the option of an innovative approach to teething that will save them time, money, and worry.

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