5 Ways to Help Your Children With Homework (even when they say they haven’t got any!) – Guest Post

Guest Post by James Goldsmith

School isn’t always easy for our children. There are plenty of things that they need to think about, learn and remember. One area that is even trickier to get them motivated in is their homework. As parents, it is down to us to try and get our children engaged with their homework, and although this sounds simple, it isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Want to find out how you can help your children with their homework? Here are 5 things that you can try out for yourself.

Pick the right time 

Children work well with routine, so it makes sense to make sure that their homework times are planned in. Some children work better if you do it straight from school as they are already in that mindset, others may need a bit of a break for their brain and work better after dinner. It really depends on your child and what suits him/her.

Find the perfect place 

Some children find it difficult to work when they are one their own, others can’t focus when they are surrounded by noise. Knowing which works for your kids is going to help them to finish off their homework. You may find that your child needs to be alone upstairs, some may need you to sit with them, and some may like the idea of doing their homework as you are busy making dinner or doing some housework. The idea is, when you find that sweet spot, then stick with it.

Recognize when they need extra help

We all hope that our children simply understand their homework and can get it done. However, this isn’t always the case for all children. Some may need some extra help, an extra push or simply some tips from your teacher on how to get them focused. You know your own child, so if you think that they could do with some extra help, then this means that you should definitely speak to his/her teacher.

Encourage Independence

As parents, we all are tempted to sit with our children and help them as much as we can with their homework. However, it isn’t always the best approach to take. You should try to encourage them to be as independent as possible with their homework, get them to try and answers the questions and only come to you if they really need some help. That way, they are going to find it much easier to learn what they need to and retain that information too.

Praise them

You may be surprised by just how well children react to being praised. Therefore, if they find homework particularly hard to do, or to focus on, then it is a good idea to praise them as much as you can. Tell them that they are doing a good job and they are much more likely to carry on working hard.

Hopefully these tips will help you to make homework more bearable for both you and your child. If not, then it may be worthwhile speaking to his/her teacher about your issues and seeing if they can recommend any other approaches to take.

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