4 Essential Elements for Your Baby’s Growth – Guest Post

As we already know parenting comes with no written guide or a manual book to follow. There are hundreds of written tips which we can read for free from the Internet but we all have different parenting styles and babies come with different behaviours. Here are four  important elements that you need to ensure your baby’s healthy growth:

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Comfort
  • Security

The four elements above are priorities for all babies.  If one or two of the needs are not met to their satisfaction, then parents may have an upset and crying baby. Those little cries are very important every though as it is the most effective way for babies to communicate to their parents.


Babies feed a lot more often than adults do in a day. Keep in mind that other than satisfying their hunger and thirst, babies need enough food for their ongoing growth and development.

Crying is always an important indication that our babies need something, so do pay an attention to it and find out what could be wrong. Feed them. If they are hungry then they’ll instantly take it but if they are not then they would continue crying and push us away if we were breastfeeding or push the bottle away if we were using formula.

Usually when babies are feeding they do few or a lot of pausing by or without leaving the nipple or the bottle go. Don’t be impatient and don’t assume that they already had enough. Keep offering because what we want to make sure here is for our baby to be full and satisfied. When babies had enough and are already full they will naturally reject the offer by turning their head away or simply by sticking their tongue out.


How many of us complain about not having sufficient rest and sleep everyday? Some people may think that babies don’t get tired easily since all they do is eating, sitting, playing, and they obviously don’t have to go to work. But the truth is they do get tired easily and more often than we do.

We will know it if our babies are sleepy when they yawn, rub their eyes, pull their ears, and maybe cry eventually if we keep them awake when they are tired. Let them rest and put them into sleep. Make sure the bed is comfortable, the temperature is not too hot or too cold, and away from all kind of disturbance such as loud noises, and someone coming in and out of the room.  Babies who get over-tired will cry with a high pitch tone and become inconsolable.


Knowing if our babies are comfortable requires an attentive parent.. If we were going to take our baby for a shopping trip or anywhere we’d like to go we would of course want to make sure that our babies are comfortable.

How do we make sure if our babies are happy and comfortable? Check if their shirts are too loose or too tight.  Are they sweating? Could they be having an itch somewhere? Did they get bitten by an insect? Have they been sitting or lying for too long?

And how about their clothes? Are they properly cleaned with baby detergent powder and professional washer and dryer ?

And so on and on. It may sounds like a lot to do but it is actually not, those are considered to be very short tasks to do that need to be done and checked often in order to rule out what may be bothering your baby.


While it is fine for our babies to have minor accidents occasionally, we do need to constantly keep an eye on their movements and activities to prevent major accidents.

But what about emotional security? How do we help our babies to learn and understand faster that they are safe with us? We need to respond to them and meet their needs.  Babies need to feel safe and secure and protected by their parents.  Newborn infants like to be swaddled because it gives them the same feeling of security they had in the womb.  It is our job as parents to help our babies feel that secure as they grow and develop.

This was a guest post by Amilia Anderson

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